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Broadband Communications

BPL technology enables Utilities to expand their sources of revenue by partnering with ISPs, CLECs, or long-distance communication companies, to provide alternative, cost-effective Last-Mile access for their subscribers. In addition, MainNet's intelligent broadband powerline solutions enable Fast Internet, Voice over IP (VoIP) and video transmission, as well as Wi-Fi extension, from any electrical outlet in an MDU/MTU, hotels and hospitalities, or via SME network topologies.


Smart Grid AMI and AMR

The ever-increasing demand for electrical power on the one hand, and green energy on the other, drives Utilities to implement innovative, clean technology solutions to improve their operations and customer care services. For example, remote measuring and monitoring, together with same-time Smart Grid application control using data transfer over an existing electric grid, provides Utilities with the key to migrating from manual to automated operations and improving their control of energy reserves. For any Utility service - whether it is electricity, gas, water consumption, or district heating - this results in reduced electric power costs, less pollution and greater reliability and security


Security & Surveillance

MainNet's PLUS technology also allows Utility service providers to utilize its security and surveillance features for their valuable dispersed properties. Interfacing standard cameras and surveillance devices to the Web-based PLUS technology enables the transfer of audio/video information from any location on the power grid, to any Internet access point worldwide.





Powering the Smart Grid.

MainNet Communications is a a global provider of turn-key solutions and services for the broadband powerline communications (BPL/PLC) market. Founded in 1999, the company has the world's largest commercially-installed base known today. MainNet is backed by strong equity investors and owns valuable BPL/PLC-related intellectual properties (IP).