Advanced Services’s Advanced Services’s PLUS also enables advanced services.

Home networking

Home networking is an integral part of the Plus system solution. Every unit in the home can be defined as part of a VLAN (Virtual LAN), using the NmPlus remotely.
When enabling VLAN service between the units the end user can share resources and files, and acts exactly as if the different PCs are connected into one physical Ethernet LAN.

Automatic Meter Reading System’s AmrPlus provides the power utilities with an advanced, real-time and interactive telemeter system. AmrPlus, which can easily being installed on top of an existing Plus, requires a minimum of capital investment from the power utility.
Since it eliminates the need for time consuming, manual meter data gathering, it generates a high return on investment.
The AmrPlus exploits the existing power utility infrastructure, unlike other solutions presently on the market, which require massive investments and are technologically limited. When installed with an existing Plus, the AmrPlus requires a minimum of capital investment from the power utility, in order to achieve a high benefit-cost ratio and generate a significant financial impact.
AmrPlus can easily be combined with other broadband services, such as Internet and telephony. AmrPlus uses a third party AMR system integrated with the Plus products, thus utilizing the Plus platform for transferring the AMR information.

Home Automation and Home Security

The home automation market, which enables remote control and management of different in-home appliances and application like surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, kitchen appliances etc. via the Internet, is emerging.
Due to recent developments, home security applications are one of the fastest growing within the home applications market.
Generally speaking, the home automation market is divided into two main groups:

1. Applications that require broadband like real-time video cameras for security
2. Narrow band applications like activating/deactivating lights

The Plus system provides a broadband platform, which could be seamless integrated with the different types of home automation systems, thus enabling home management and control to be done through the existing wiring both in the home itself and from the Internet.
The power utility can now provide the end-user with additional services that will both create additional revenue streams and will also differentiate them from their competitors.