Malware and Viruses

Cyber attack is used by trained IT criminals to steal from computer users online. The attacks are ranging from stealing from individuals to multi-million dollar worth companies and are reported to be increasing every day. The thieves either steal the user’s credentials or assume control of the victim’s system. These criminals have mastered all opportunities to get what they want. They can trigger you to do what they want without your knowledge. In most cases, users are not aware of the tricks used by cyber criminals. Below are common ways the attacks use to make way to your system.

Ravens of cyber attacks


When downloading or surfing, you will get pop-ups on your screen. Willingly or mistakenly users click on them. You will have allowed malware to get on your computer immediately you click on the popup. Malware is made to harm your software. In most cases, it is a virus or a ransomware with the ability to control your device. The malware reports directly to the attacker with all secret details. The malware only gains access after a call to action is undertaken by the user. Avoid prompts to click on latest pornographic content or a survey to win you a lucky spin.


This is a process where the attacker tries to get information directly from the computer owner through personal contact. In such a scenario, you will receive an email from someone you trust. They might introduce themselves as the boss or to be working in a certain big organization. The emails are structured such that it gives you minimal time to think. In most cases, the emails have an attachment such that when clicked, a malware takes control of your system immediately.

Similar credentials

Most of us use the same password for different accounts for easy recalling. We are in most cases advised to use different unique passwords for each website. It is unfortunate that such a simple guideline is ignored. Hackers have mastered the technique, and once they get your credentials, they will try their luck with the same password on different websites. It is advisable to use password managers and different passwords for different sites. Hackers work day in day out to crack even the most complicated techniques, but we can as well protect ourselves from their baits by improving defense mechanisms. The above are among the mechanisms cyber criminals attack, keep yourselves updated with the latest antivirus and any other form protection.