Plus Overview’s Power Line Ultimate System (PLUS)’s Power Line Ultimate System (Plus) has a unique concept that provides a highly cost-effective telecommunication solution for high-speed transmissions over power line. It is a multi-service platform that enables power utility companies to utilize their backbone and electric grid infrastructure to offer their customers a wide range of high-speed telecommunication services through any electrical outlet. By using Plus, power utilities provide 24-hours, non-stop high-speed Internet connection from any electrical outlet in their customers’ home. and its subsidiaries provide a fully integrated solution that can be easily and efficiently implemented.’s Plus solution is designed to enable simplified installation by the power utilities, by supplying a fully operational system that connects every electrical outlet in the end users’ premises, with the power utility’s backbone. The system also includes the Plus Network Management (NmPlus) which enables the power utility to remotely manage and control tens of thousands of Plus units that have been deployed to end users.
Plus uses sophisticated modem technology to achieve high data rates over noisy, low and medium voltage power lines. The system is based on a unique patented technology that enables the combination of both PLC access and PLC in home network in one system, without having the need for any intermediate hardware. This provides great advantages for both the end customer and the power utility, by enabling direct access to any point in the house, without interference and without any additional wiring.’s approach and system concept is completely different from the traditional one of sending the strongest possible transmission signal in order to reach the end user. In’s approach, each unit sends the lowest possible signal required to reach the next point. The system employs smart-repetition and uses the attenuation of the electricity lines in order to create ‘cells’ similar to those used in cellular systems, enabling the different units to efficiently use the same frequencies while preventing collisions. The Plus units intercommunicate utilizing a point-to-multipoint proprietary protocol. For the end user, the system is fully transparent IP system, which enables the use of every standard IP application.


Always-on, 24 hours service from every electrical outlet

End-to-end fully integrated solution, including a Network Management System that enables management and control of mass deployments

A system solution that combines both the Access and In-home in one efficient network without home gateway (residential gateway)

Dynamic self-learning system that optimizes the performance based on real-time power line grid characteristics, without the need of any manual adjustments.

Flexible and scalable solution that overcome distant and very noisy environments.

Fits any electricity grid topology, and dynamically adjust itself to switching changes in the electricity network.

Enhanced security mechanism

A solution that works both in 110V and 220V topologies, and both on the medium and low voltage.

No software installations required at the customer premises. The in-home installation is easily done by the end user.

Flexible and scalable solution that enables the power utility to build a reliable and effective solution.

Advanced repetition can be used to ensure coverage of all customers on the grid.

Simple installation both on the power utilities’ electricity grids as well as in the end users home provided through a ‘plug & play’ solution that does not require any technical know-how.

Provides broadband communications over existing infrastructure.

Interconnection to backbone can be done from several points on the same grid (transformer, street cabinet or friendly customer) ensuring scalability and redundancy.

Low transmission levels over the power line to comply with standardization.

Fully managed and remotely configured system.

Coverage reaches all electrical outlets at the end user’s home, throughout all the phases, without any new wiring.

Fully transparent IP network, which enable the use of any standard IP application. The end users can therefore use standard PC applications (e.g. Net meeting Web Browsers, etc).

Can automatically manage physical changes to the electricity grid (e.g. due to maintenance) by ‘hopping’ to another concentrating unit (CuPLUS).

Advanced QoS (Quality of Services) mechanism that enables the utility to provide several levels of service to its customers.

Interface with power utilities existing billing & CRM systems.

No configuration of units required: Auto-provisioning mechanism enables to connect units arriving from production plant without any configuration.