Utilizing Gmail More Effectively

Whether we work as an intern or an employee, the chances are that we use Gmail almost every day to share files, getting an announcement, sending reports and many more. For some people using Gmail can be quite hard, and if you’re one of those people, worry no further.
In this article, we’re going to hand out some tips on using Gmail, hopefully by reading this article you can utilize Gmail more efficiently which will increase your performance at the office while also saving your time in case you are in a hurry. Read more to find out what those tips are.

Sending Fax Through Gmail

There are times when we have to fax something to clients/customers, and you might be thinking that sending a fax through the machine itself is a hassle, and you have better things to do than doing the fax.
If so, then do not worry as nowadays it is possible to send a fax through Gmail, yes you’ve read it right. Believe it or not, online fax is possible and will save your time, so consider checking it out on how to do it.

Un-send your Emails

There is a time when you’ve sent an email by mistake, be it a wrong attached file, wrong recipient and many more. Do not worry though as there is an add-on that will help you.
In case of a situation where you sent the email by mistake, a google chrome add-on can help you to un-send your email when you’ve posted one by mistake. Do be careful that it only lasts for around ten seconds, so you got to hurry and send it before it damages you and your company’s reputation.

Tip: Always double check your email before you click the send button, this way you won’t make any mistakes to your clients or customer.

Send Money Through Email

MoneyIf you’re not a fan of Paypal’s user interface or the way they work, you can send money through Gmail and request payment from it as well. With the new feature from google wallets, you can link your card or your money through google wallets and do all the sending and requesting payments from Gmail.
This tip is perfect in case you want to send money and don’t want to spare the hassle of going through PayPal.

Tip: Make sure that your clients/customer is okay with sending or requesting email through Gmail.…