Advantages of Virtual Fax for SMEs

online fax

With the emergence of new technologies, computer applications, and digital information, new communication channels have emerged that limit the use of traditional methods such as analog telephony and postal mail.

The virtual fax is the most viable solution for your company to save money, time, and, above all, digitize your company. This service can be offered in two modes: its current and most used version in the cloud (Cloud) or on Premise.

You can easily send and receive free fax to Gmail, which is quite a convenient option and can keep you safe during this period when the world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic. There are other benefits virtual fax brings to SMEs. They include:

Minimum Initial Investment

virtual faxWhat you can invest in is totally less than what you should do if you want to buy a fax machine. You could need a little more money in the investment if, in addition to paying for the application software, you must pay the fee of a VoIP provider, in case you don’t have one.

You Forget About the Cost of Maintenance

With the use of Virtual Fax for SMEs, you forget about having to spend money on maintenance. While if you use conventional fax, you must spend on consumables. With the use of the Virtual Fax for SMEs, you forget to print, so you will not have to spend your company’s money on inks. Fax machines also need preventive maintenance to avoid damage, so you must add an extra expense.

It Contributes to Caring for the Environment

Virtual Fax for SMEs is a way to send and receive information in an ecological way since by doing it virtually, you will not need to print. This allows paper waste to be reduced. By reducing the use of fax, you minimize the use of fax cartridges and consume less, so you save money and pollute less since cartridges are difficult to recycle.

You Have More Freedom of Movement

With a fax machine, you must receive and send faxes where the machine is located. With virtual fax for SMEs, you can perform the same operation wherever you are. You will only need the help of a mobile device and an internet connection.

It Is Very Easy to Handle

It is not at all complex to receive and send faxes virtually. It is almost the same as sending the information through an email. All you need is your phone and an email account. How about you try online faxing for your small business to enjoy these benefits.