Three Types of Digital Cameras That You Must Know

using a camcorder

As has often been mentioned before, technological developments have been carried out in almost all sectors, be it business, industry, entertainment, even photography. Entering the 90s, activities related to photography and videography have become commonplace for most people. So it’s not surprising since then many technologies have been produced called digital cameras.

Digital cameras finally continue to be made and developed quite significantly. From the start of the sensor capabilities that increasingly affect, the quality of the pixel is getting tight, until the shots are much sharper. Digital cameras are now also not rarely used to take blog videos (vlogs), to documentation videos.

And keep in mind that from the beginning it was introduced, digital cameras developed to have various types of cameras. Each type of camera has a function that is slightly different from one another. Therefore, without further adieu, here are three types of digital cameras that you must know.


Video cameras or can be called a camcorder is one type of camera that serves to record video. Camcorders are also touted as one of the technologies resulting from the development of analog cameras. But the difference is, if the old analog camera recorded using a cassette or CD, the top hd camcorders store the visual data on the memory card.

Unfortunately, the camcorder can only be used to take video or shadow moves cannot take photos like other cameras in general. The existence of this camera used to be very helpful for television contributors when sending data from coverage to the head office. The editing process is also comfortable because it can be directly edited through a computer.

Compact Cameras

Pocket cameras have already been used before entering the era of digital cameras. This camera is widely used because it is easy to carry everywhere, besides its light weight the shape is also more friendly and does not take up a lot of space.

This compact camera or compact camera appeared at the same time as an SLR camera (Single Lens Reflex), although in terms of capabilities, of course, pocket cameras have not been able to match the sophistication of SLRs at that time. But it is enough to be a choice for shooting which is limited to ‘point and shoot.’ Usually carried a lot during holidays, camping, trips out of town, and so forth.

DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex)

Now many good beginners and professional photographers use DSLR cameras as a medium for taking photos. This camera has many useful features to produce quality photos.

DSLRs also have several categories such as entry-level, semipro, and pro. The higher the level, the more sophisticated features provided. Likewise, the prices pegged from these camera units will also be increasingly high.

Besides being useful for taking photos, the latest generation of DSLR cameras can also be used to make videos with high definition (HD) image quality. Even many famous vloggers rely on this camera to produce their works. One fact that is quite surprising about DSLR cameras is that this camera has the most lens variants compared to other digital cameras, like the wide-angle fisheye lens and a zoom lens that reaches more than 500 mm.