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Four Main Reasons Why People Still Use Fax Machines

In this era of digitalized documents and cloud computing, you may be surprised if you find that fax machines are still widely used in the business world, especially in healthcare and law enforcement. But why is it?

1. Fax Machines Have Adapted to the Digital Environment

Fax machines don’t just fax, but they can be an instant printer and scanner as well. You learn about getting an online fax number with Google in a minute, and you can send email to a fax machine or receive it directly. For matters like tax filing and financial reports, the tradition of using fax machines often still persists. If you work with a third party to do the accounting, tax filing, or banking, having a fax machine in your office is usually a must. 

2. Fax Machines Are Considered the Safest

signing a documentEmails and computers are hackable, but not fax machines. The probability of faxed documents to be faked is minuscule. For instance, if you receive a contract right now, you can sign and send it back right away, and it will be considered authentic. Besides, fax machines do not store the data of any document you send with it, unlike emails or cloud sharing. In 2012, the big cloud platform DropBox experienced a security breach, and the private data (email address and passwords) of roughly 68 million users were compromised. Imagine if your company’s sensitive data were stored there, and the stats and reports were leaked to the public. That can surely be devastating to your company. 

3. Fax Machines Are the Most Acceptable Means in Law Enforcement

Law enforcement does not only mean dealing with the police, but it also covers subjects like legal contracts, ownership certificates, tax documents, etc. Therefore, it won’t be surprising if you can find fax machines in big companies. They are used to communicate with lawyers and tax consultants. In fact, some insurance companies also still require the policyholders to send their civil documents via fax. 

4. Working With Fax Machined Is Actually Faster

handing out a documentYou may not agree with this, but this is the fact, especially in big companies where countless documents are distributed every day. The primary explanation is that digital documents require multiple validation procedures before they can be declared as authentic. With fax machines, all the sending and receiving are done in real-time. And this is why all medical institutions, accounting firms, lawyers, and tax consulting firms still hold to the tradition of using fax machines instead of transforming fully into a more digitalized system. In their context, fax machines are the safest and the fastest. 

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Ultimate Guide to Buying the Right E-liquid

Vape juice or e-liquid can be defined as the liquid used in e-cigs that is converted into vapor. It is also known as e-juice, vaping liquid, or e-cig juice. It does not matter the design or look of the vape device; you need the presence of e-juice to make vapor. You can find a manufacturer that produces your favorite e-liquids. It is available in a wide range of flavors, nicotine strengths, and varying viscosities.


E-liquids are made out of the essential and optional ingredients. These ingredients can be broadly classified into PG/VG, sweeteners, nicotine, and flavorings.

PG and VG

girl vapingVape juice contains propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). You can find some e-liquids that contain 100% VG. This is not common just like 100% PG is equally uncommon. PG and VG form a ratio that you will find on the e-juice bottle, like 50/50 or 60/40 where VG is typically the first.


You should note that flavor concentrates are soluble in water. They are made by a wide range of companies that manufacture fragrances and food flavorings. You can find flavorings made from fruits to chocolate to tobaccos and everything in between. Most commercial e-liquids contain sweeteners. The common sweetener used is sucralose.


You should note that nicotine is optional and it is up to the user to decide the right amount. Nicotine is found in e-liquids in a wide range of concentrations that range from 1% up to 5%. If you do not want to use nicotine, you can try non-nicotine e-liquids. With different nicotine levels, it is quite easy to find e-liquids that can help you to satisfy your cravings.

vapingRemember that what works for you may not work for someone else. It is advisable to determine the amount of e-liquid you consume in a day. The best way of calculating e-liquid consumption is to multiply the capacity of the tank with the number of tankfuls you take in a day. Check the tank capacity on the packaging. If it is not available, you can check it online. You are likely to get it listed on different websites.

Also, you need to determine the nicotine content of the e-liquid. This information is readily available on the labels of the e-liquid you purchase. However, you may realize that you do not need to calculate the amount of nicotine you consume. Your body can help you judge your nicotine consumption as it lets you know whether you have had adequate of it.…

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Three Types of Digital Cameras That You Must Know

As has often been mentioned before, technological developments have been carried out in almost all sectors, be it business, industry, entertainment, even photography. Entering the 90s, activities related to photography and videography have become commonplace for most people. So it’s not surprising since then many technologies have been produced called digital cameras.

Digital cameras finally continue to be made and developed quite significantly. From the start of the sensor capabilities that increasingly affect, the quality of the pixel is getting tight, until the shots are much sharper. Digital cameras are now also not rarely used to take blog videos (vlogs), to documentation videos.

And keep in mind that from the beginning it was introduced, digital cameras developed to have various types of cameras. Each type of camera has a function that is slightly different from one another. Therefore, without further adieu, here are three types of digital cameras that you must know.


Video cameras or can be called a camcorder is one type of camera that serves to record video. Camcorders are also touted as one of the technologies resulting from the development of analog cameras. But the difference is, if the old analog camera recorded using a cassette or CD, the top hd camcorders store the visual data on the memory card.

Unfortunately, the camcorder can only be used to take video or shadow moves cannot take photos like other cameras in general. The existence of this camera used to be very helpful for television contributors when sending data from coverage to the head office. The editing process is also comfortable because it can be directly edited through a computer.

Compact Cameras

Pocket cameras have already been used before entering the era of digital cameras. This camera is widely used because it is easy to carry everywhere, besides its light weight the shape is also more friendly and does not take up a lot of space.

This compact camera or compact camera appeared at the same time as an SLR camera (Single Lens Reflex), although in terms of capabilities, of course, pocket cameras have not been able to match the sophistication of SLRs at that time. But it is enough to be a choice for shooting which is limited to ‘point and shoot.’ Usually carried a lot during holidays, camping, trips out of town, and so forth.

DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex)

Now many good beginners and professional photographers use DSLR cameras as a medium for taking photos. This camera has many useful features to produce quality photos.

DSLRs also have several categories such as entry-level, semipro, and pro. The higher the level, the more sophisticated features provided. Likewise, the prices pegged from these camera units will also be increasingly high.

Besides being useful for taking photos, the latest generation of DSLR cameras can also be used to make videos with high definition (HD) image quality. Even many famous vloggers rely on this camera to produce their works. One fact that is quite surprising about DSLR cameras is that this camera has the most lens variants compared to other digital cameras, like the wide-angle fisheye lens and a zoom lens that reaches more than 500 mm.…

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What You Should Know About Tempered Glass PC Cases

Tempered glass PC cases continue to be more popular with each day. Manufacturers are coming up with a wide range of cases.  If you are looking for one, you should pay attention to important details before buying. In addition, you need to know what you are spending on. Ensure you get only the best that can meet your needs.

Buying Tempered Glass PC Cases

Motherboard Size

personal computer caseYou should note that these PC cases come in a wide range of sizes. You can find small, medium, and large sizes. The medium and full-size glasses fit quite well in the standard motherboard. It is a good idea to choose the right motherboard size that will suit your needs.

Front Panel Connectivity

You need a front panel that is designed to allow multiple connectivity options. Thus, it should have a headphone jack, mic jack, and USB ports. Also, the ports ought to match those of your motherboard. Check whether the outputs and inputs allow secure connectivity and access.

Cooling Potential

As far as cooling is concerned, you are free to choose liquid or air cooling of the PC components. For instance, you can find some PC cases with pre-installed fans or a radiator. Ensure you select the system that can meet your cooling specifications. Some systems can cool the entire PC while others can cool only certain parts. In this case, you need to find one that suits your expectations.

Benefits of Tempered Glass for PC


Usually, tempered glass cases have a beautiful look. This means that they add a unique touch to your computer. You should purchase one of the popular models and enjoy your gaming moments.

Reduce PC Noise

tempered glass caseThese glass cases are designed to reduce the amount of noise generated by your computer. You should note that the material used prevents the breaking and overheating of the glass. Thus, you can be assured of long-lasting and durable service.


Nowadays, you can find tempered glass PC cases that have multiple outputs and input controls. The best ones come with expansion packs. These packs help you to maximize the space in the PC tower.

Getting the right tempered glass PC case can be quite overwhelming. It becomes even tricky when you do not have an idea of what to expect.…

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Benefits of Information Technology in Business Communication

Communication is an important determinant of the success of any business. Communication is widely divided into two parts. There are internal and external communications. Internal communication is the passage of massage from one person or department in an organization to another. This type of communication is used within a specific entity. It is used in training and passing of commands. It can come from the senior of the junior staffs of an organization. External communication is the passage of data and information between two people one in business and another outside a business. This type of communication is important in training and sale and marketing. All the types of communication have thrived due to the introduction of information technology in the business. These are the benefits of IT in business communication.


typingEnabled Communication Between Long Distances

IT has enabled two people from two different part of the world to pass information. Google fax is a perfect example of how technology has proved that distance is not a barrier to communication. Using this type of communication one can send any information from one part of the world to another. All that is needed is an email account and an email fax address. Bother the sender, and the receiver must have the two components. Information can then be shared between the sender and the receiver within the click of a button. This type of communication is effective for advertisement as well as training. One can send Google fax message to some people at once. This activity is called mail merging. It is a useful tool in advertisements. This type of communication has enabled distance learning. People can receive a different type of educational materials through this type of communication. It is very possible to send feedback and monitor the receiver’s reply.


Enhanced Training of Staffs

It has enhanced training and capacity building. Trainers don’t have to travel long distances to train a required group of the time. In the world today, training is done in the boardroom. All that is needed is a stable internet connection and video conferencing screen. The trainer can then pass information to the receiver. This type of technology has enabled organizations to train their staffs without the pleasure of time. The training secessions can be saved and reviewed at a future date. It is an effective type of training where a big number of people are expected to be trained. In addition to all, training of staffs can take place any time the organization is comfortable with.


keyboardEnhanced to Sending and Receiving of Feedbacks

The information cycle is not complete if the receiver of the message has not sent feedback. Feedback is proved that the message was received. Feedback important to a business. Feedback from customers enables the business to know the point of weakness in their products that need to be fixed. It is important in market segregation. Feedback from training secession is important to clarify. IT provides excellent avenues for sending and receiving feedback. Every form of communication has a reply option that can be used to send input back to the sender of the message.…

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How to Choose Party Rental Software

Virtually, competition is very stiff in all fields of business and it is not stopping any time soon. Literally, for a business to survive it must adapt to various changes that are taking place. For those especially in the entertainment business, the party rental software is most ideal.

a party softwareThis software will help the business to engage quickly the customers as well as generate more leads. In addition, it will help to keep the company organized, increase the sales, improve customer service and also increase the productivity of the staff. With any rental software, you select you must be aware that it is the level of productivity you want to increase for a profit gain.

In choosing party rental software you must therefore not make any mistakes. The following factors will help you to choose party rental software.


Ideally, there are different developers with different pricing but still offering same services, therefore, your budget is very critical and you should not ignore. How much are you ready to spend on party rental software?

Basically, spend what the company affords as other costs may be incurred like staff training or software upgrade.

Industry-Specific Needs

This is actually a factor used take more into consideration. The specific needs as per the services you are offering should be first in mind. It is important to note that not all software is meant for commercial or industrial purposes.

Therefore, you should invest in that software that you’re sure will perform the tasks you need with ease.


Depending on the business industry that you’re in, there are features that you’ll specifically require to be integrated into the software. Precisely, having software that performs several functions is much better than having different software performing different tasks.

The integrated software combines several systems and functions as one. This makes it easier and cheaper to operate.


Security of the customers is very important. Therefore, how secure is that party rental software? Likely, confidential information such as personal details as well as payment options will be stored and the system should hence be fraud-proof. Moreover, who won’t want to safeguard all payments made to his/her company via the online platform? Therefore, security is paramount.

Easy of Navigation

Good software is one with a website that is easy to navigate. You don’t have to search everywhere in the website so as to get the answers that you seek.


party softwareNever should you neglect what other individuals say about any product that you’re willing to spend your cash on. Mostly what other people say isn’t much further from the truth as much as others may not be true, it is always essential that you consider and weigh everything. Before deciding on which to select, get all the positive and negative reviews of the previous users on the product. This will give you a picture and knowhow into detail about the party rental software.

Nothing is really best as choosing the right party rental software as the benefits thereafter will bring a smile to any face. Get everything ready and make the right choice.…


Utilizing Gmail More Effectively

Whether we work as an intern or an employee, the chances are that we use Gmail almost every day to share files, getting an announcement, sending reports and many more. For some people using Gmail can be quite hard, and if you’re one of those people, worry no further.
In this article, we’re going to hand out some tips on using Gmail, hopefully by reading this article you can utilize Gmail more efficiently which will increase your performance at the office while also saving your time in case you are in a hurry. Read more to find out what those tips are.

Sending Fax Through Gmail

There are times when we have to fax something to clients/customers, and you might be thinking that sending a fax through the machine itself is a hassle, and you have better things to do than doing the fax.
If so, then do not worry as nowadays it is possible to send a fax through Gmail, yes you’ve read it right. Believe it or not, online fax is possible and will save your time, so consider checking it out on how to do it.

Un-send your Emails

There is a time when you’ve sent an email by mistake, be it a wrong attached file, wrong recipient and many more. Do not worry though as there is an add-on that will help you.
In case of a situation where you sent the email by mistake, a google chrome add-on can help you to un-send your email when you’ve posted one by mistake. Do be careful that it only lasts for around ten seconds, so you got to hurry and send it before it damages you and your company’s reputation.

Tip: Always double check your email before you click the send button, this way you won’t make any mistakes to your clients or customer.

Send Money Through Email

MoneyIf you’re not a fan of Paypal’s user interface or the way they work, you can send money through Gmail and request payment from it as well. With the new feature from google wallets, you can link your card or your money through google wallets and do all the sending and requesting payments from Gmail.
This tip is perfect in case you want to send money and don’t want to spare the hassle of going through PayPal.

Tip: Make sure that your clients/customer is okay with sending or requesting email through Gmail.…

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Benefits of using google fax

With the recent technological advancements, sending and receiving information via various telecommunication devices has become more and easier. Through the mobile technology, the mobile users are able to communicate with other fellow users anytime and anywhere in the world. In the past, use of a facsimile in short a fax was mainly attributed to having a fax machine, Thus business owners who then lacked the capacity to purchase to afford a fax machine were more affected as they could not get their needed information urgently as they had to wait. Having a Google fax number is easily done in few minutes, you have to create a Gmail account, contact a web-based fax company, compose mail then link your number to your Gmail account. The benefits of using google fax include:

Ability to trace and access detailed reports

Man being interviewed by reporters graphic

In acquiring a Google fax number, it is normally linked to your Gmail account. This said it is easier to trace fax messages you sent or received over time by simply accessing your log from the Gmail account. This helps in official documentation and it makes it easy to trace/track business transactions records.

It is convenient and easy to use

In using the old fax machines,  you had to use loads of paper to fill the machine, fill out coverpages, wait for confirmation message when you send a fax and all in all have a fax machine. When using a Google fax, you do not have to undergo all that trouble as everything can be done from your mobile device or computer. You can send and receive faxes, store and sign documents in few minutes.

Sufficient storage space

The online use of Google fax ensures the faxes are stored online meaning that there is unlimited online storage capacity. You do not ought to have properly or unproperly kept filing cabinets and also locks for securing documents.It is easy to access your documents anytime anywhere and vital documents are secured online.

Legally binding features

When using a Google fax, you can electronically a signature to your documents. This illustrates the authenticity of the documents and also makes the documents legally binding. This is mostly applicable to big businesses and companies transacting their businesses.

Environmental appealing

In printing faxes, you have to file them and thus waste unnecessarily reams of paper and tons of ink. A Google fax will file all those documents in a digital format.


different forms in taking photo signage

It is an inexpensive due to less/no paperwork used and also the faxing companies offer cheaper rates to those using google faxes. Watch the video below for the advantages of using google fax;

dollar sign and cash falling


Because the hassles of life, it has become imperative for innovators to look for means to make life more manageable. People work all day to provide for their families, but there are other responsibilities they must also take care of. This is the reason as to why technology has been the center of most advancements in many economic sectors. Technology has made it possible for people to shop and purchase from the comfort of their homes. Payments are also made electronically, and so therefore, you do not have to queue all day at the teller in order to effect simple commercial transactions.

In this regard, online banking has become an integral factor in carrying out commercial transactions. Transfersphone, headset, visa card, pen and paper and withdrawals are now effected through the internet. Financial institutions across the world are now cognizant of numerous advantages attributed to online banking. Through Banking Software Mac, you can efficiently pay bills and track your transactions without any hassle. Businesses have substantially benefited from online banking, and in this regard, financial experts have noted that these advancements have led to growth in various economies.

The following advantages can be enjoyed with the integration of online banking in your commercial dealings:


This is the most prevalent benefit that is accorded to online banking. The developers saw the need for the general public to access and deal with their money quickly and conveniently. Banks are characterized by formalities and queues, which are highly troublesome especially for urgent financial matters. Therefore, the developers took note of this need and put in resources to cater to customers effectively. Further, online banking is a 24-hour service which means that you can transact whenever and wherever.


cash beside laptopAs mentioned above, online banking allows you to transact without limitations based on your geographical location. So long as you have internet connectivity, you can easily access your account. Most banks have provided such mobility through the creation of mobile and PC applications. Therefore, customers are required to download these mobile apps that are enabled to facilitate and deliver services. This is an attractive attribute to bank customers who are always on the move.

Quick transfers

The automated service has been said to be very useful in doing transfers between different accounts in the same or different banks. This system allows you to make prompt payments irrespective of the recipient’s bank. Also, you can make loan repayments with ease and speed. However, it is important to note the limits set by your bank as to how many transfers you can complete within a single day. Also, some banks limit the amount of money that is subject to transfers.